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April 12, 2013

Social Media and SEO Services

If you are interested in Google+, Twitter or social media in general please check out all of my related articles here: Wojdylo Social Media.

Traditional SEO is all but dead after the Google Penguin and Panda Updates. Social shares now matter and too many links are penalized. If you need assistance with the new SEO I offer coaching services that help explain why social shares matter and how to build a strong online presence at every level. Contact me on Google+ here or email me at [email protected].

The options and prices are as follows:

Phone Discussion Complimentary (30 Minutes) – We will discuss your areas of expertise and the goals of your business or website. From there we can pick a product or package that works for you. I am more than willing to create unique products for individual situations.

Communication will start via telephone or live video chat (Google+ hangout) and will progress via email or your social network of choice.

Creative Social Media and SEO Marketing Strategy $125 (per hour) – This strategy will include but is not limited to

  • Sharing content via all social networks (Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc)
  • Building a following and creating relationships on all social networks
  • Understanding how social media relates to search engine rankings

Creative Content Strategy and Implementation $150 (per hour) – This strategy will include but is not limited to

  • Understanding the value of unique and fresh internet content
  • Analyzing keywords that will be valuable for your business
  • Creating unique content for your business (YouTube, Pictures, written blog posts)

Search Engine Awareness $100 (per hour) – This strategy will include but is not limited to

  • Recognizing Google algorithm changes
  • Awareness of the Do’s and Don’ts with an Online Presence
  • Strategy session to help find the end user

    Social Media and SEO Services

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